Totalitarian Servitude is the Real Cost of “Free” Love

Mar 28, 2016 by

By Alan Williams, Anglican Mainstream.

I have no doubt that The Global Sexual Revolution : Destruction of Freedom in the name of Freedom by Gabriele Kuby will become a seminal work. It should be on everyone’s ‘books to buy’ list as an authoritative study of this ‘revolution’. Packed with impeccably researched information it explains why and how we are being cheated out of strong family life and our democratic freedoms.

Kuby traces the revolution’s history from its seeding by the Marquis De Sade, cultivation by ‘prophets’ of atheism like Marx, Freud and Kinsey; and its propagation through institutions like the Frankfurt School.

Instigated by Lenin to find a new way to establish international socialism, this was set up in 1920s Frankfurt as a neo-Marxist Think Tank.  Tasked with subverting western civilisation, it targeted its foundational supports: the family, Christianity and patriotism for corrosive biased criticism, and by teaching children about sexual intercourse to encourage promiscuity. Fleeing Hitler in the 30s the School entered America’s academia and eventually conquered it.

After Hitler was defeated, key members returned to German universities, ostensibly as part of the de-Nazification program. There they ideologically assaulted the father-led family, blaming it for fascism.

In the ‘50s its leading light Herbert Marcuse sold sexual anarchy to the elite through his Eros and Civilisation, and in the ‘60s coined the seductive slogan “Make Love, Not War”. Almost overnight, libidinous students, already taken in by Kinsey and aided by ‘the pill’, became shameless ‘ rebels with a cause’.

Thus the post war sexually permissive society grew.  Through university courses ‘Critical Theory’ was introduced, condemning ‘oppressive’ fatherhood, the Church and patriotism. Lenin’s idea of ‘political correctness’ became a reality: our language and young elite were corrupted.  Today they run our institutions and increasingly deny freedom of religion and speech to dissenters.

This, Kuby explains, is why we have global organisations pressing national governments to pass ‘gender ideology’ into law. And why even new school curricula brazenly defy biological realities. Also since 2007 both the UN and the EU have been claiming to expand personal freedom by championing the Yogyakarta Principles, which endorse perversion as “human rights for sexual minorities”.

Although the illicit removal of homosexuality by the American Psychiatric Association as a psychological condition in 1973 is rightly identified as a crucial revolutionary moment, one key piece to this complex jigsaw is missed.  It is the dissemination of a political campaign manual for activists to win ‘rights’ for those who identify as “LGBT”.

Published in 1989 to head off the threat to their growing political power brought about by the AIDS epidemic, it traded on the public’s sympathy for dying homosexual celebrities.  A propaganda masterpiece by neuropsychiatrist Marshall Kirk and advertising expert Hunter Madsen, it was called After the Ball: How America will lose its hatred and fear of gays in the 90s.

It describes how the media can be taken over and used to desensitise viewers to homosexuality through propaganda, then how to silence dissenters with accusations of “homophobia”. This counterfeit term had been ideologically minted in 1966 to mean an irrational hatred of homosexuals. Finally it shows how to convert the general public into supporting gay ‘rights’ through popular entertainment. This technique is now being used for the transgender rights movement.

Despite this omission, I believe Kuby’s book will become both a classic text exposing the poisonous realities behind the sexual ‘revolution’, and an inspiration to defend democratic and religious freedoms.

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