Trans couple whose future is pregnant with contradictions

Dec 18, 2019 by

by Priscilla Pollara, The Conservative Woman:

MEET Jake and Hannah Graf. They are the transgender couple who are about to become parents. Jake, 41, was born female and Hannah, 32, was born male.

In this age of enlightenment, when barely a day passes without another extraordinary human interest story being told, readers might think there is nothing exceptional in the Grafs’ arrangement. But there is. For when their child is born, they will be the first parents in Britain who are both transgender.

They gave an interview to the Daily Mail in which they revealed that their unborn daughter, being carried by a surrogate, is the product of eggs belonging to Jake. Apparently, Jake harvested these eggs six years ago at a cost of £17,000 – having stopped taking testosterone for six months.

People must make up their own minds about what effect, if any, this convoluted set of circumstances might have on the life of the Grafs’ daughter. Yet since they have shared their story with the public, they must accept that others will have a view and may well see things differently compared with them.

Personally, I am puzzled. Firstly, the Grafs are at pains to say they want the world to treat them normally, yet they have given media interviews on TV and in print in recent months in which it has been highlighted just how unusual they are as a couple. (Have they ever been paid for talking about themselves, I wonder?) Within such inherent contradictions does trouble fester.

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