Stonewall: overreach and backlash

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Stonewall’s support for an increasingly aggressive ‘trans rights’ agenda, including the no-platforming of dissenters from trans ideology, and the promotion of ideologically biased “diversity training”, is coming under fire as some leading institutions distance themselves. Have we reached ‘peak LGBT’, or is this a brief setback for the powerful lobby group? Most recent articles at the top:

Stonewall equality list ‘bullies bosses and silences dissent’by Lucy Bannerman, The Times

Have we reached peak progressive? By Peter Franklin, UnHerd – “the backlash against woke excess is gathering force.”

Don’t use ‘boy’ and ‘girl’, Stonewall tells teachersfrom Coalition for Marriage

Royal Academy apologises for ‘cancelling’ artist Jess de Wahls over trans rowby Katya Edwards, Mail+

When Sons Become Daughters: It’s Time to Admit That Reflexive ‘Affirmation’ Has Been a Mistake, by Angus Fox, Quillette

Watch:  Is Stonewall in crisis? Andrew Doyle speaks to Trans Campaigner Debbie Hayton, GB News

Is your child’s school using Stonewall resources? from Christian Concern

Diversity charity Stonewall is accused of ‘dangerous’ transgender advice to schools by Sanchez Manning, Mailonline

Stonewall is being true to itself by Rev Matthew Roberts, The Critic:

But has Stonewall really been captured by an ideology alien to its original vision? It is not so obvious that it has. First, the idea that Stonewall, pre-2016, was a bastion of tolerance and inclusivity will bring a wry smile to the lips of Christians of all denominations who hold to the historic Christian understanding of what it means to be human. Fanshaw and others who are “gender critical” may have only recently found themselves compared to anti-Semites, but Christians have been slandered by Stonewall as motivated by “prejudice and hate” for years. Let us not forget that this is the organisation that used to name a “Bigot of the Year” at its annual awards ceremony. Stonewall has always been highly intolerant of those who question its views; Fanshawe and others have simply discovered what it is like to be on the receiving end.

‘Working with Stonewall is no longer compatible with NHS values’ by Kate Grimes, HSJ

Watch: Stonewall Bullies Try To Erase “Mother” – Why Are Taxpayers Funding This Out of Control Lobby Group? from New Culture Forum

One’s sex can’t change. The story of my fight to ensure that this view, held by so many, is judged “worthy of respect”by Maya Forstater, Radical, from Conservative Home: “Last week, I won a landmark Employment Tribunal case where my belief that sex is real, immutable and important was found to be “worthy of respect in a democratic society”.

Raise a glass to Maya Forstaterby Joanna Williams, spiked: An appeal court judge has today ruled that the tax consultant at a global think-tank, sacked for expressing the view that males and females are biologically distinct and have different life experiences, was wrongfully dismissed.

Freedom Of Information requests have exposed how much gender ideology has captured our institutionsby Radical, Conservative Home

Calls for public inquiry into Stonewall’s influence, from Christian Today:

Stonewall ‘threatened’ to silence gender critical barrister by having her sacked, says judgeby Ewan Somerville and Gabriella Swerling, Telegraph

Stonewall raised concerns with Ofsted that inspectors don’t always discuss trans issues with childrenby Ewan Somerville, Telegraph

The writing is on the wall for Stonewallby Carys Moseley, Christian Concern: “If Stonewall loses government support what does this mean for those public policies that Stonewall has campaigned for and implemented? It is worth looking at two of the most pressing policies, compulsory sex education and the campaign to ban ‘conversion therapy’.”

Stonewall tries to ban word ‘mother’by Tom Pyman, Mailonline

Stonewall boss defends new strategy amid criticism, by Jessica Parker & Eleanor Lawrie, BBC News

Major public sector bodies quit Stonewall diversity training as trans rights row intensifiesby Jessica Steinman, The Daily Political Press

Liz Truss urges official withdrawal from Stonewall diversity scheme, by Eleni Courea, The Times

This transgender ‘folly’ is going to collapse, just as eugenics didby Paul McHugh and Matthew J. Franck

Have we finally passed peak woke? by Simon Heffer, Telegraph

Detransitioners share their stories, by Brandon Showalter, Christian Today

Gender self-identification draft laws suffer defeats in Germany and Spainfrom Evangelical Focus:

“A dangerous social and medical experiment”from Transgender Trend: “This is a guest post from a supply teacher who describes the transgender lesson she was asked to teach to children as a “well-funded, dangerous social and medical experiment” and asks whether people are aware that this has become standard teaching throughout secondary schools in the UK.”

When a group set up to fight homophobia is at war with a lesbian champion of gay rights, it’s no longer fit for purposeby Mary Harrington, Mailonline:

Lawyer: ‘Stonewall misleading universities over equality law’from The Christian Institute

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