Trans madness in full flow at the BBC

Mar 6, 2020 by

by Caroline ffiske, The Conservative Woman:

THE new Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, made his first major speech yesterday. Focusing on the BBC, he said it currently provides ‘a narrow urban outlook’ and that it must start reflecting the views of the entire UK. 

These were mild words for a dire situation. Nowhere is the BBC’s descent into narrow-minded and dangerous woke culture more evident than in how it reports on ‘gender identity’ or ‘trans’ issues.

One of the worst examples so far appeared on Tuesday. In advance of International Women’s Day, two town halls in the Merseyside borough of Sefton flew flags bearing the words ‘Woman, noun, adult human female’. This is the dictionary definition of a woman. The corporation reported that after complaints from two men the flags were removed and the authority apologised ‘profusely’ for any offence caused. 

The BBC said that the slogan on the flags was ‘widely criticised on social media’ as ‘the recognised symbol of a transphobic hate group’. It gave prominence to the complaint from a trans-activist, Adrian Harrop, and reported the view of another ‘trans-woman’ who said that the term ‘adult human female’ is a ‘deliberately esoteric dog whistle aimed at undermining the confidence of trans people and a call to arms for anti-trans trolls and hate groups’. What?

On the other hand the BBC was silent about the women who took to social media about the issue. About their despair that the very meaning of ‘woman’ is being erased. Their anger when they learned that a council jumped when two men said jump. None of this was hard to find.

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