Trans Watch – a dispatch from the gender minefield

Nov 25, 2019 by

by Caroline ffiske, The Conservative Woman:

THINGS have felt worse this past week. The ideology that our biological sex is irrelevant and an inner gender identity determines whether we are man or woman continues to force its way into our institutions and our lives.

John Lewis has confirmed that customers may use whichever changing rooms make them feel comfortable. I pity the staff who have to go along with this. Of course, generally life will go on as before; we mustn’t overstate the threat. But until now, if bullies or perverts turned up, staff could resort to company policy, and presumably security, to turn them away. Not so easy now.

A Milton Keynes school has removed its single-sex loos and replaced them with gender-neutral ones. All the toilets are cubicles with external shared-space wash-basins. It’s hard to know what governors/administrators think they are achieving. I feel sorry for girls dealing with their periods, and both boys and girls worried about noises, smells, and teasing. According to a Milton Keynes newspaper ‘Unisex loos . . . are approved by the Department for Education as long as privacy is ensured by having an adequate cubicle enclosure and a full height door’. The Safe Schools Alliance disputes this. 

In Chicago, a high school district has gone further and voted to allow male pupils identifying as female into the girls’ locker room, where they change. A video of the meeting where the vote was taken brings us face to face with the transgender movement. A young man with long pink hair, barely bothering to pass visually as female, celebrates while a young women who needs to get changed in the rooms to participate in sport cries. Watch till the end. 

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