Trans women should not have to reduce testosterone, say new IOC guidelines

Nov 18, 2021 by

by Sean Ingle, Guardian:

Transgender women should no longer be required to reduce their testosterone levels to compete in the women’s sport category, new International Olympic Committee guidelines have suggested.

The new IOC framework, which replaces its 2015 guidelines, also concludes there should be no presumption that trans women have an automatic advantage over natal women – a controversial view that reverses the IOC’s previous position.

However the IOC says ultimately it is up to individual sports to decide their rules – and they can still impose restrictions on trans women entering the female category if needed to ensure fair and safe competition.

Such decisions, it adds, should be based on “robust and peer-reviewed science … which demonstrates a consistent, unfair and disproportionate competitive advantage and/or an unpreventable risk to the safety of the athletes.”

Previously the IOC had recommended that trans women suppress their testosterone levels to under 10 n/mol per litre for at least 12 months to compete. However earlier this year the organisation’s medical director, Richard Budgett, had admitted that policy was no longer fit for purpose.

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