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Parents blocked from viewing school sex education material which ‘denies biological sex’, by Megan Hinton, LBC

Good and Bad News on Trans Tyranny and Terror, by Bill Muehlenberg, CultureWatch

Midwifery muddle reveals extent of Stonewall’s grip on education, from The Christian Institute:
Midwifery students at Napier University in Edinburgh have been taught that biological males can give birth.

The gendrification of Ireland, by Colette Colfer, The Critic:
‘Gender theory’ is being embedded in Irish society through “LGBTI+ National Strategies”.

Study connects jump in youth suicide with transgender treatments, lack of parental consent, by Jarrett Stepman, Christian Post

New Research Challenges Claim That Access to Puberty Blockers Prevents Youth Suicides, by Terri Wu, Epoch Times: New Heritage Foundation research shows that access to puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones does not reduce youth suicide rates.

We are sacrificing our children on the altar of a brutal, far-Left ideology, by Jordan Peterson, Telegraph:
As this article on gender ideology being pushed onto children is behind a paywall, non-subcribers are able to watch Jordan Peterson read the article himself on his You Tube channel.

BBC butterflies, by Reith Hancock, Artillery Row:
Trans advocacy groups such as ‘Global Butterflies” are providing training to the UK’s influential institutions.

What is a woman? From The Critic:
Laura Dodsworth interviews Matt Walsh, the man behind the controversial new film on gender.
He wants people to understand how pervasive gender ideology is. “A lot of people still think this is on the fringes, that it’s just weird people on TikTok,” he said. “I want them to realise it’s everywhere.”

Say “No” to the New Binary, by Margaret Harper McCarthy, Public Discourse:
Gender ideology creates a dualism between physical biological sex, and the psychological, even ‘spiritual’ gender identity which is viewed as more ‘true’. We should reject this.

Teaching gender ideology in schools: Briefing by Shelley Charlesworth, Transgender Trend


Language, truth and logic, by Jon Pike, Artillery Row:
There is a growing approach in philosophy called “conceptual engineering”. They look at our concepts and see if they are functioning well. If not, then we should try to “ameliorate” them. “Woman” and “misogyny” are two such concepts.

Therapy: A Profession Captured? by James Esses:
The lead article in the magazine published by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, is written by a radical trans ideologue and activist. Meanwhile those who question child wellbeing in the context of trans-affirming therapeutic models are expelled from the profession.

How I Would Explain a Christian View of Transgenderism to a Non-Christian? by Samuel D James, Digital Liturgies

Accusations of transphobia are pure misdirection, by Ann Sinnott, Artillery Row:
Those who promote the interests of women and girls are being hounded with a combination of bullying and “illusion…diverting attention to what the magician wants you to see, and away from what else could be seen.”

You can’t define ‘woman’, civil servants are told in equality training video, by Chay Quinn, Mailonline: Civil servants are being told that it is impossible to define a ‘woman’ in training provided by ‘A:gender’.

Applying the wisdom of Augustine to the abortion and transgender debates, by Martin Davie, Christian Today:
Mistaken understandings of the world leads people to act in ethically wrong ways. The extreme example is Putin’s invasion of Ukraine based on a myth of the essence of Russia. But in the West, gender confusion and abortion are also the result of ignoring Scripture and nature.

Civil Servants Taught Unscientific Gobbledegook in ‘Inclusion Workshop’, from The Daily Sceptic: The contents of a ‘workshop’ on sex and gender being taught to civil servants has been leaked to Times columnist Janice Turner.

A “speak out champion” who won’t speak for all, by Sarah Phillimore, The Critic:
The Crown Prosecution Service has appointed a ‘trans woman’ as part of a “continued cultural drive to embed EDI” (Equality Diversity and Inclusion) throughout the workforce.

Medal for child campaigner who was called ‘bigoted’ over group that aims to fight ‘the current trend to diagnose children as transgender’, by Josh White, Mailonline:
Stephanie Davies-Arai, the fearless founder of Transgender Trend, has been honoured with a British Empire Medal.

Has the Sexual Revolution Finally Overreached? by Eric Sammons, Crisis Magazine

Suella Braverman is right about trans ideology in schools, by Frank Furedi, spiked: We are plunging younger generations into an identity crisis.

Have we passed peak trans? from UnHerd: A new report shows that levels of gender non-conformity declined in 2021.


‘Trans’ children given puberty blockers prior to medical consultation due to high demand, from The Post Millennial: The pre-pubescent girls who are injected with the drug designed to treat prostate cancer may, additionally, experience menopause after use.

Teacher reveals how schools are struggling with trans rights, by Sian Griffiths, The Times:
An experienced teacher lifts the lid and explains why he had to leave his job…”gender politics is causing chaos in schools around the country”.

Council accused of promoting trans ideology in schools, from Coalition for Marriage:
Swindon Council’s referral rate to the gender service is 66 per 100,000, more than twice the average in England…This alarming figure may not be so surprising, however, when you look at what they are teaching their children.

Trans dogma has taken over our schools, by Joanna Williams, spiked: A teenager has been hounded out of her sixth-form for saying that biological sex exists.

Transgender ideology – the new fundamentalism, by Lynda Rose, Christian Today:
Comment on the case of the girl accused of transphobia and hounded out of her school.

Meet the activists on the ‘right side of history’, by Stephen Knight, spiked: “What I learned from my brush with black-clad trans activists in Manchester.”

‘I questioned why children were being encouraged to transition – and it cost me my dream career’, by Charlotte Lytton, Telegraph:
Barrister James Esses had volunteered at Childline for five years, noticed more and more children were expressing confusion about gender, shared concerns about trans ideology, and was removed from his role.

The transgender ideology defies reality, by Marc Glendening, Conservative Home:
Politically Weaponised Transgenderism (PWT)represents a desire to restrict our right to challenge the contemporary left’s portrayal of human existence, and to dictate how we must interact with our fellow citizens. This is why it needs to be intellectually challenged head-on.

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