AN OXFORD teacher who was forced to leave a school for calling a transgender pupil a girl was let go from a second school just months later after he said Muhammad was a false prophet, it can be revealed.

A court order banning the media from reporting the name of the teacher and the school expired at the beginning of the month.

It can now be revealed that Joshua Sutcliffe left The Cherwell School in Oxford and reportedly began teaching at a London school.

Mr Sutcliffe says he was then suspended because of comments made in a video he uploaded to YouTube.

In the 12-minute video, titled ‘what does the Bible say about false prophets?’, Mr Sutcliffe says Muhammad is a false prophet.

“I know this is controversial and I know that people might be offended by what I’m saying but I do it in love and because I want to speak the truth,” he says.

[…]  Mr Sutcliffe was suspended from Cherwell in November 2017 after telling a room full of students ‘well done girls’ when one of them wanted to be identified as a boy.

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