Transgender Trend’s Response to the Revelations about Mermaids in the Sunday Times

Jun 19, 2019 by

from Transgender Trend:

The revelation in the Sunday Times that the charity Mermaids published online hundreds of private emails, some revealing personal details of children’s names and medical details, is one more indication of the organisation’s carelessness around the protection of children.

Concerns about Mermaids are not new. Any charity which works with children must be subject to the highest level of scrutiny and yet this has not happened. Instead, a charity which began as a support group for parents, has been enabled to act way beyond its level of competence and expertise through substantial government and lottery funding. Questions must be asked about organisational capture by a charity acting on the basis of an ideologically-driven belief not adequately supported by science, and in thrall to the panacea of drastic life-changing medical intervention.

There needs to be an investigation into how this group, with no medical qualifications, has been given the authority to influence the approach towards the most vulnerable children, both within schools and the NHS. The evidence of Mermaids’s communications with the Tavistock and the Equality and Human Rights Commission raises serious questions about how a controversial children’s charity is given undue influence behind the scenes.

This charity must be held to account on the same basis as any other charity working with vulnerable children. Their methods, and the belief underpinning them, must be held up to public scrutiny and not hidden behind the word ‘transgender’ or the acronym ‘LGBT’ by agencies more concerned with the protection of their social justice credentials than in the welfare and safeguarding of children.

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