Transgenderism is taking us into a dark age of moral confusion

Oct 15, 2017 by

by Nathaniel Haywood, The Conservative Woman:

The modern Conservative Party is rapidly revealing itself as the most revolutionary organisation in British history. Not content with having redefined the very keystone of civilisation, marriage, under David Cameron, the party of Salisbury and Disraeli is now gradually arrogating to itself the power of redefining the very nature of man. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that the next national census may not collect data on the sex of respondents for fear of discriminating against transgender people.

Accurate record-keeping is seen as a measure of civilisation’s development. The Domesday Book is marked by historians as a towering triumph of state organisation. Now we could be moving toward a time where the collection of inaccurate data by the state will be taken as the marker of civilisation’s ‘success’. The modern centralised state promises knowingly to collect incomplete information to avoid offending a minute subset of the population. Far from being recognised as regressive, this step is seen by some as a progressive leap forward in the British cultural revolution.

This is the latest episode in the ongoing transgender story. Last month, a couple on the Isle of Wight faced a barrage of abuse after they removed their six-year-old son from a primary school where another boy had taken to wearing a dress. They maintained that the school should have consulted them, and that it was intolerable that their child could, under the current regulations of the school, have faced charges of bullying for ‘misgendering’ the other child (that is, calling them by the ‘wrong’ pronoun). They said their son had suffered and would continue to suffer were he to be exposed any longer to the other child’s behaviour.

This is where we are at with the transgender debate in the UK – dissidence is frowned on.

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