Transgenderism’s denial of biology started with same-sex marriage

Dec 29, 2019 by

by Will Jones, Faith and Politics:

Another month, another illiberal ruling from a scientifically illiterate judge declaring that belief in biology is “not worthy of respect in a democratic society”.

The case of Maya Forstater, sacked for questioning on social media the government’s proposals for gender self-identification, follows the case in October of Dr David Mackereth, who lost his government consulting job because he declined to say he would use pronouns at odds with a person’s biological sex.

In both cases, the defence was made on the basis of protections for beliefs under the Equality Act, and in both cases the tribunal judge ruled that a belief in biology (and, in Mackereth’s case, the Bible) was not protected and, being apparently offensive, was not compatible with human dignity – one of the grounds under the European Convention on Human Rights that speech may be curtailed.

Will these surreal and disturbing rulings be overturned on appeal? We have to hope so. How can speaking of basic human biology be regarded by any self-respecting society as incompatible with human dignity? Some commentators have wondered if this latest insanity represents ‘peak trans’, from which the only movement can be a return to reason, but I’m not sure if we don’t yet have some way still to go down the woke rabbit hole.

Consider that even transgender people who stand up for biology are currently facing defamation and bans, while the Scottish government has once again begun to consult on plans to press ahead with gender self-declaration.

Where is the Church of England on all this? Nowhere at all, or rather on the wrong side entirely. Not a peep of support for those being persecuted for standing up for biology and biblical beliefs, yet no limit apparently when it comes to encouragement for the innovations of transgender activists.

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