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by David Robertson, theweeflea:

As we head towards St Andrews Day (a day when the Free Church holds a day of prayer for the nation) I want to spend each day this week thinking about the state of our nation and the church within it.  There is much to pray for.  We begin with the Transmania sweeping out nation.

“Quos Deus vult perdere prius dementat”  (Those who God wishes to destroy he first makes mad”.  This is supposed to have come from Euripides.  Whatever the source we are seeing an outworking of that destructive madness in our society just now – and its a spiral that seems to be escalating downwards at an ever-increasing rate.

Take the following stories from this past week alone:

1)Gender Recognition Consultation Published –

Screenshot 2018-11-26 at 12.10.21The Scottish Government published their Review of the Gender Recognition Act 2004.   Two things stood out for me.  Firstly how skewed the whole consultation was – it was a self-selecting group with a large number of trans groups (including the Brazilian Trans alliance – quite what they have to do with Scotland I’m not sure) responding.  This did not stop the Herald running the false headline “Scots support gender self recognition”.    Secondly the degradation of language continues in the Scottish Government with its Orwellian gobbledygook type reports.  Take this gem from section 9.

9. There was also a concern that the proposals represent a general erosion of the identity or the rights of natal women. More specific concerns were raised that trans women would be eligible to take natal women’s places on all- women short lists, on the boards of public bodies, or for other employment, quotas or awards. Potential problems for the future of women’s sport were noted, including at both a professional and amateur level.

There you go women.  You can no longer be referred to as women – you are a sub sect known as ‘Natal Women”!

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