Trump to Europe: “You are losing your culture”

Jul 13, 2018 by

from Archbishop Cranmer:

[…] European countries from the Atlantic to the Urals share many common origins – Graeco-Roman classical paganism, Celtic culture, Christianity, Reformation, Renaissance, Romanticism, Enlightenment – which have influenced the various tribal groups throughout the continent and produced similarities in language, customs, architecture, literature, music, fine arts, and so on. This has bequeathed to us a common heritage, often broadly termed ‘Western’ . Countries which have not been subjected to these same complex social-historical forces are quite simply neither European nor Western.

The President’s concern is not with immigration, but with culture-changing immigration. Migrants aren’t a problem: it is mass migration and the absence of assimilation. He doesn’t specify ethnicity or religion, but he’s talking about immigration from Muslim majority nations, because “losing your culture” has to be a reference to a notion of Christendom being confronted by the ‘Muslim world’. And for raising such concerns he is (predictably) branded ‘racist‘, as the Bishop of Liverpool helpfully illustrated:

[…]  This is a pity, because it has the effect of shutting down all rational discussion (as it is designed to do), and so no reasoned debate takes place – except perhaps on the Archbishop Cranmer blog.

The “fabric of Europe” is manifestly changed (“not in a positive way”) when mass migration opens the door to sex discrimination, chauvinism or female objectification. If in one night and in one location there are 500 criminal complaints, of which 200 are concerned with Arab and North African immigrants perpetrating violent sexual assaults on German women, is it ‘racist’ to say so? If a country takes in more than a million refugees, and their men become immediately responsible for a disproportionate number of violent sexual assaults against native women, is it ‘racist’ to point out that this is a cultural clash and, logically, one that is likely to be replicated wherever there is a similar approach to uncontrolled mass immigration? This isn’t only the German experience: consider Sweden:

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