Truro report on persecution of Christians reviewed, one year on

Jul 11, 2020 by

from CEN:

‘Spectators at the carnage’ was how The Times carried the story of launch of the Bishop of Truro’s Independent Review for the UK Foreign Secretary of Foreign and Commonwealth Office Support for Persecuted Christians on July 4 2019.

This week, on Wednesday 8 July, the House of Lords hosted a ‘Zoominar’ for 300 invited participants to hear Bishop Philip Mounstephen, Lord Alton, Jeremy Hunt, who commissioned the report when Foreign Secretary, Rehman Chishti MP, the Prime Minister’s special envoy on Freedom of Religion and Belief and Jim Shannon MP, the chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Freedom of Religion and Belief (FoRB), with others report on what had been achieved so far.

Simply stated, 250 million Christians in 144 countries are the ‘most persecuted’ religious community in the world.

Jeremy Hunt noted that the rights of conscience had been a blind spot in UK foreign policy and that talking about religion, except by a vicar, was currently uncomfortable in the UK.

He wondered whether Alastair Campbell’s famous quote “We don’t do religion” had played a part in that.

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