Two Former Trans Men Explain ‘All the Lies’ Surrounding the Glorification of Transgenderism

Oct 17, 2017 by

by Rebecca Downs, Faithwire:

Today’s culture has seen the denial of biology’s concept of sex and gender, with California going to the level of passing a law to punish caregivers who use incorrect pronouns. There are those who have suffered through hormone treatment, lied to in the name of access to what their doctors saw as “care.”

Two men, who are named in the Federalist as Paul and Taylor, recently shared their stories in the aptly titled “What Two Former Trans Men Want You To Know About All The Lies.”

Paul, who is now 38, worries about if he will even live to old age, and says that he’s “been forced into celibacy.” His detransition, which doctors told him he could not actually do, was full of physical and emotional pain.

It was in high school when Paul learned about transgenderism and thought that was his answer. During that time he described having “girlish” interests that made him feel ashamed, while also struggling with isolation and confusion.

Paul is not the only young person to have experienced gender dysphoria, which he has officially now been diagnosed with. As professionals and those with prior experience with transgenderism and gender dysphoria themselves have explained, hormone therapy, drugs, and surgery are not what is needed. They need counseling and support, especially with the mental health issues that follow, as they did with Paul, and seem to have been worsened.

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