Uganda Martyrs Observance in Uganda 2018

Jun 3, 2018 by

by David W Virtue DD, Virtueonline:

Thousands of Christians from Uganda and neighboring countries arrived this weekend in Namugongo for special services to commemorate the Ugandan Martyrs.

On June 3, 1886, the Kabaka — or King — of Buganda, Mwanga II, killed 32 young Anglicans and Roman Catholic men — who worked as his pages — by burning them alive at Namugongo. They were among 23 Anglicans and 22 Roman Catholics who were put to death by the king or killed by him for refusing to recant their faith between 1885 and 1887.

Yesterday, services were held at both the Anglican and Roman Catholic shrines in Namugongo, led by bishops from both Churches. Other similar events will be held in the coming days, leading up to national commemorations on Sunday, say news reports out of Uganda.

A report issued by the Anglican Communion News Service said, “We need to ask God to forgive us because we have sinned in different ways. The martyrs suffered because of their faith…” but no mention was made of the fact that they died because they refused the homosexual advances of the king.

From Wikipedia: “From 1885–1887 many Christians were put to death in Uganda by King Mwanga II. Many of them were officials in the court of Catholics, as well as a number of Anglicans, were put to death, some by the sword, others by burning alive. The ire of the king was particularly inflamed against the Christians because they refused to accede to demands to participate in homosexual unions.”

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