UK General Election

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New Labour government: adults or activists? by Andrea Williams, Christian Concern

Women have bad odds with Dodds by Jean Hatchet, Artillery Row

Britain has elected the most godless parliament in its history by Chris Smyth and Kaya Burgess,  Sunday Times

Humanists UK say 60 per cent of MPs took a religious oath from Religion Media Centre

Jess Phillips reveals the moral cowardice of the elites by Brendan O’Neill, spiked

British Jews have reason to be frightened. This time it’s not Labour by Zoe Strimpel, Telegraph

Why the Muslim Vote campaign is a glimpse into a horrifying future by Jake Wallis Simons, Telegraph

“..a Government unburdened by doctrine” – what about the Church? from Anglican Futures

The UK election – a new start and new sense of hope? by David Robertson, Christian Today

All change by Melanie Phillips

UK General Election: Labour’s policies on some key moral issues, Christian Institute

The successful Muslim Vote campaign is a snapshot of the future of British politics by Rakib Ehsan, Telegraph

The terrifying pro-Palestine campaign that hurt Labour – and threatens democracy by Rosa Silverman, Telegraph

How did Conservative modernisation go? by Laurie Wastell, Artillery Row

UK General Election: Labour’s policies on some key moral issues, Christian Institute

Well known Christians in parliament who lost their seats, Religion Media Centre

The impact of “The Muslim Vote” by Ruth Peacock, Religion Media Centre

A majority built on sand by Ben Sixsmith, Artillery Row

Does Keir Starmer’s atheism matter? by Dan Hitchens, Spectator

It’s payback time for voters by Kate Andrews, Spectator

A short guide to voting in the general election: A wry look at the political parties from Sebastian Millbank, Artillery Row

Election Briefing from The Christian Institute

Premier Christianity election coverage

A misguided election briefing by Marcus Walker, Sounding Board

The Role of Christianity in the 2024 UK Election by Ethan Coffey, Juicy Ecumenism

Archbishops of Canterbury and York urge respectful debate and high voter turnout as election week begins by Kelly Valencia, Premier

Election Focus: Where do the parties stand on key issues?, Christian Institute

Labour government would be a major threat to free speech, Christian Concern

The truth about marriage in the manifestos, Coalition for Marriage

The influence of Islam on the election, Christian Concern

Starmer’s slipperiness on trans is utterly inexcusable by Graham Linehan, spiked

GE2024: Candidate or party?, Christian Institute

GE2024: Issues on the horizon, Christian Institute

Party Manifestos

Christian People’s Alliance

Premier Christianity election coverage

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