UK Headteacher suspends catholic students for ‘homophobia’

Jul 1, 2019 by

by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest:

A primary school headteacher, who forced children to participate in a “Gay Pride” parade last year, has been reported to the local authority for unlawfully suspending 10-year-olds based on alleged anti-LGBT comments.

Susan Papas, head of Heavers Farmer Primary School, Croydon, South London, suspended two children for five days after one of them asked a teacher for permission not to participate in an LGBT lesson during “Gay Pride Month.”

“This is why parents are beginning to see the dangers of the imposition of the new sexual and gender ideology that does not permit dissent even from innocent ten-year-old children,” Andrea Minichiello Williams, executive director of the Christian Legal Centre told Church Militant.

On June 20, Farrell, sitting next to his friend Kaysey, asked his Year 5 teacher: “Sir, please may I not take part in this lesson?” when the teacher handed out LGBT material for colouring. The teacher refused permission saying that the LGBT lesson was part of the curriculum.

When bullies know that right is not on their side they resort to coercion and intimidation.

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