UK Internal Market Bill: the Archbishops are confused, poorly advised, and wrong

Oct 23, 2020 by

by Archbishop Cranmer:

The Archbishops of the United Kingdom have written a joint letter fairly and equally to all tabloids and broadsheets decrying the moral state of the nation and calling for repentance exclusively to the Financial Times decrying the UK Internal Market Bill and calling for it to be amended. They could have penned a joint article for the pro-Brexit Daily Mail or the Express so that lots of people might have nourished their souls by feeding on this rare expression of collective episcopal wisdom, but they chose instead the FT‘s Europhile paywall. The medium is the message.

[…]  Speaking in the House of Lords, the Archbishop of Canterbury insisted they are not misguided or misinformed, principally because they have “listened to the select committee on the constitution, to all five living former Prime Ministers, two former Conservative leaders, and distinguished judges including former Presidents of the Supreme Court and a former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, to name but a few”.

So anti-Brexit Primates have sought the political and legal insights of anti-Brexit politicians and judges, who have helpfully confirmed the pro-EU bias of the Primates. Their primary concern is that the UK Internal Market Bill, if enacted, would break international law, which would have “enormous moral, as well as political and legal, consequences”. They could have listened to politicians and lawyers who take a different view, but that would have compromised the content and scuppered the timing of this letter, which was contrived to cause the Government maximum damage while UK-EU trade negotiations move toward their endgame. The Archbishops didn’t, for example, speak to Martin Howe QC or to his fellow barrister Stephen Barrett, who has written in some detail about when the UK has previously broken international law, and how the EU also breaks international law when it suits them conveniently to do so:

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