UK: Same sex marriage survey — the latest round

Mar 9, 2020 by

By Judi Sture, Virtueonline:

Ozanne Foundation spins the numbers.

We should be grateful that the Ozanne Foundation (OF) had the sense to commission the Same Sex Marriage Survey from YouGov, rather than repeat their own car-crash survey of late 2018 (the Faith and Sexuality Survey). But despite professional input, we again see the OF trumpeting ‘findings’ that have not been shown.

What does Jayne Ozanne tell us that the results show?

Jayne Ozanne: ‘….Nearly half of Church of England members now believe same sex marriage is right, with well over two-thirds of those under 50 believing it is right… younger Anglicans …. are overwhelmingly clear where they stand …. with nearly three quarters of the under 50s now believing in same sex marriage….To pretend that this is an issue on which many have not yet formed a view is to misunderstand the reality of what is happening in our pews.

It all sounds quite good for the OF so far, right? Those backward Anglicans are finally being dragged into the 21st century! And look at that – 77% of the 18-24s think same sex marriage is right! It’s only those old fogies of 65+ that are the blot on the landscape!

So, where’s the problem with Ozanne’s statement? Well it’s this – the results don’t actually show what she says.

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