UN Commission Fails to Advance LGBT

Apr 24, 2021 by

by Stefano Gennarini JD, C-Fam:

The LGBT agenda cannot get any traction in UN negotiations. They never have. The just concluded Commission on Population and Development failed once more to advance this agenda. The abortion agenda also did not advance.

The UN Commission on Population and Development adopted an agreement on food security earlier today. The agreement does not make any progress for abortion and LGBT rights.

The apparently innocuous theme of this year’s session of the commission, “Population, food security, nutrition and sustainable development”, did not stop powerful countries from attempting to add abortion, LGBT issues, and sexual autonomy for children on the menu. In the end, they were unsuccessful.

At a rare in-person meeting at UN headquarters, delegations who promote abortion and LGBT rights, lamented that the agreement did not include references to sexual rights, comprehensive sexuality education, or language that could be used to promote LGBT policies, during its adoption this morning.

The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico attempted and failed to add these elements during negotiations in recent weeks.

The donor countries failed to add references to “multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination” as well as “women in all their diversity” in the agreement. Both these expressions are understood to promote LGBT policies in development and humanitarian assistance.

The UN population fund (UNFPA), the UN agency which implements UN population policy, was also disappointed that the agreement did not rubber-stamp the progressive social policies of its powerful donors.

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