Undermining Gafcon

Jan 27, 2020 by

by David Virtue, VOL:

The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby is doing his best to undermine GAFCON.

Till recently, he wrote GAFCON off as a ginger group but that slur hasn’t worked, clearly hasn’t diminished their role nor dampened their progress or growth.

All the conferences and gabfests calling for reconciliation, generous orthodoxy, prayers for unity, patience etc., has only prolonged the agony that he has failed to win GAFCON Anglicans over to his side.

Welby must now face the fact that if he cannot win them over, therefore the next best thing is to undermine them.

Welby must now employ his considerable secular management skills to achieve the end for which he hopes for.

Start at Westminster Abbey for a small reconciliation conference, then proceed to Jordan for yet another attempt with the Primates to square the circle over homosexuality. Then go for the jugular and head right into Kenya and talk unity with the Kenya House of Bishops. In the course of things, make Kenya Archbishop Ole Sapit one of five primates elected to serve on Standing Committee of the Anglican Consultative Council, even though he is a GAFCON primate who says he will not be attending the Lambeth conference. He will allow some of his bishops to attend if they so choose. A small victory for Welby.

Undermine, undermine, undermine.

So, is the strategy working?

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