UNESCO Promotes Sex-Change and Abortion for Kids

Sep 2, 2017 by

By Marianna Orlandi, Ph.D, C-Fam:

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has promoted a report that endorses sex-change procedures and abortion for youth without parental consent.

On International Youth Day 2017, the UN agency—founded to rebuild education systems after the end of the Second World War—published a list of materials for adolescents which are all quite explicit on “sexual rights.”

UNESCO’s own short guide, “The essentials characteristics of effective HIV prevention,” suggests, among other things, that HIV-positive individuals should not be obliged to disclose their status to sex partners, even though it increases the risk of infection for them and their other sex partners.

“The right to health cannot be separated from the right to privacy (including physical privacy and confidentiality regarding HIV status) and cannot be promoted at the expense of privacy,” the guide reads. UNESCO did not address the danger to others or the consequences for public health for the possible victims of a willfully undisclosed HIV status.

The same document defines gender identities as “individuals’ understanding of themselves, regardless of their biological sex or their sexual orientation.”

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