Unifying and renewing a divided life: reaching the root

Nov 20, 2020 by

by Joe Boot, Christian Concern:

[…] the majority of believers today do not have an adequate understanding of the gospel of the kingdom – the rule and reign of Jesus Christ over all life and thought. As such, where Christ is embraced as a saviour and redeemer from personal sin, he is rarely adequately appreciated as both the creator and sustainer of all things, the Lord and root of all creation and redemptive King over every facet of life, bringing creation to its ordained fulfilment.

This far-reaching deficit in understanding leads to a radically truncated view of the gospel and its significance for all areas of life for the believer. The result is a faith abstracted from the totality and unity of life in creation, being sequestered instead into one or two limited ‘domains’ or ‘sectors’ of life – typically that of personal devotional or ‘spiritual’ disciplines and the functioning of the church institute.

Over the last eighty years especially, this problem has naturally and logically led to many believers withdrawing from vast areas of cultural life (i.e. education, law, politics, arts etc.,) or at best having no interest in engaging culture on distinctly Christian terms. The outcome of this world-abandonment has been the radical secularisation and re-paganisation of society and its steady decay. In some cases, the studied irrelevance of church leaders and theologians to the daily reality of cultural life for God’s people is a serious consequence of this denuded gospel – the kingdom of God being reduced to a vague and ethereal future hope disconnected from creation and its ongoing reconciliation and fulfilment in Christ…

…Something invasive from outside of Biblical revelation has buried itself deep within the thought life of many believers that prevents them from realizing the full significance, unifying power and beauty of their life and calling in Christ. If this invasive and unscriptural principle is not dealt with, eventually it can choke the meaning, hope and vitality from the Christian walk.

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