United Methodist Church Leaders Agree in Principle to Split Over Gay Rights

Jan 4, 2020 by

by Ian Lovett, Wall Street Journal:

Leaders of the United Methodist Church have agreed in principle on a deal that will divide the denomination, potentially ending years of discord over the status of gay and transgender people in the church.

The agreement, which was signed by 16 leaders of the church on both sides of the debate, would allow same-sex marriage in the Methodist church and for gay clergy members to serve openly.

Conservative churches that oppose same-sex marriage could leave the denomination and take their property with them, a sticking point that in other denominations facing similar conflicts has led to long legal battles over who owns church buildings.

Since the Episcopal Church began consecrating openly gay clergy in 2003, dozens of churches have split off and sued the denomination in an effort to keep hold of church property.

The agreement would give the conservative churches that leave $25 million to start their own denomination. Clergy members who leave would keep their United Methodist Church pensions.

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