Urge your MP to oppose plans to decriminalise abortion

Jul 4, 2020 by

from Christian Concern:

The UK’s largest abortion provider, BPAS (the British Pregnancy Advisory Service), has announced that an amendment to the Domestic Abuse Bill will be tabled next week, which will seek to decriminalise abortion in England and Wales up to 28 weeks.

The amendment would allow abortion on demand for any reason, including sex-selective abortion, to be carried out with virtually no legal safeguards. It would also leave no legal restrictions on where abortions can be performed, which would allow mail-order abortions or abortion pills to be given out in schools and taken at home.

No doctor would be required to participate in an abortion procedure – healthcare assistants, nurses and pharmacists could carry out an abortion without a trained doctor present in the case of a complication.

This would leave England and Wales with one of the most extreme abortion laws in the world.

Hijacking the Domestic Abuse Bill

Although the purpose of the Domestic Abuse Bill offers some much needed improvements in protection and support for victims of domestic abuse, several MPs plan to hijack the bill, shifting the focus from domestic abuse and instead radically overhauling the law on abortion in England and Wales.

A change in the law would mean that abortion could be performed legally on any grounds, allowing for sex-selective abortion. Currently, the Abortion Act provides that abortion can only be performed under specific grounds. Without this legal safeguard, it would allow abortion for purely social reasons, ironically opening up the way for many more unborn babies – and likely more unborn girls – to be killed.

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