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From the perspective of those not supportive of President Trump, and/or wanting to move on from binary political rhetoric:

The “Evangelical” Label Doesn’t Belong to the U.S., by Trevin Wax, The Gospel Coalition

The one true lightBy Phil Ashey, American Anglican Council

‘Whataboutism’ Is a Mark of Foolishnessby Brett McCracken, The Gospel Coalition

The Office: The Lack and the LackeysBy Stephen Noll

The power of faith vs. the danger of delusionby Michael Brown, Christian Post

Epiphany reminds us that faith is not a prop for political power, by Tish Harrison Warren, Christianity Today

The Roman Road from InsurrectionBy Russell Moore


From the perspective of supporters of President Trump:

No, Jesus-loving evangelicals didn’t vandalize the Capitol by Michael Brown, Christian Post

Trump supporters are wrong if they riot, but right when they complain of double standards by Sarah Elliott, Conservative Home

Making sense of the assault on Capitol Hill

Watch: Dennis Prager on Air TV

Not All Enemies Are Equal by David Deavel, The Imaginative Conservative

Evangelical leader Albert Mohler says he’s horrified by chaos at Capitol, but stands by Trump vote by Robert Downen, Houston Chronicle

The Left Finds Time for One More Big Lie Against Trump by Dov Fischer, Spectator

The Left has lit the fuse under the US powder kegs by Frederick Edward, The Conservative Woman

Trump has now committed to a peaceful transition of power. Whilst he may go, a vast sea of formerly discontent and now utterly furious Trump supporters will still be there. They will feel their country to have been stolen from them. Nobody bothered to prove to them otherwise, so unimportant were their concerns. The only thing that has been demonstrated is government and media utter disdain for people like them.

It is naïve to assume that these people will go quietly into a Biden/Harris administration. It is foolish to assume that they will silently acquiesce to the increasingly insane politics of the anti-freedom and anti-reality policy of the rabid Left.

LifeSite VP: I was in DC today. Here’s what I saw, and what I think about it. from LifeSite

‘Heaven Is Not Shaken’ by Tony Perkins, FRC

Democrats And Media Want Us To Forget They Encouraged Rioting For Months. We Shouldn’t. by Matt Walsh, Daily Wire

Some Thoughts on Washington by Bill Muehlenberg

The Capitol Riot Will Hurt The People Who Were Already Hurting Most By Emily Jashinsky, The Federalist

Don’t exaggerate the threat of the Capitol rioters by Brendan O’Neill, spiked

Capitol invasion: it wasn’t Trump supporters who first chanted ‘Not my President’ by Martin Sewell, Archbishop Cranmer


More from an anti-Trump perspective:

America under siege: an open letter to global south Anglicans, by David Virtue, VirtueOnline: Tonight, my parish prayed The Great Litany, and I invite you, my brothers and sisters in the Anglican communion around the world, to pray for the United States. We are living in a dangerous moment. The testimony and witness of the Protestant Christian (read evangelical) Church in America is compromised in this hour. Pray, that as a nation we get beyond partisan politics, repent, humble ourselves and once again worship the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who stands above politics.

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Trump’s toxic legacy is a huge problem now for US evangelicals, by David Baker, Christian Today: […] many American evangelicals had apparently decided that their best bet for preserving Christian values in their nation was to hitch their wagon to the unstable and unsavoury star of Donald and hope that however erratic he was, they could somehow coax him along the straight and narrow.

Well, all credit to Mike Pence, who will probably emerge in due time as the quiet and godly man who saved the US from an even more complete cataclysm and meltdown – not only in his actions in Washington over the past 24 hours but I suspect in innumerable other ways behind the scenes over the last four years. I guess he won’t be thanked by many, either. Just as well the Lord sees.

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For God’s sake, remove him from office, by Stephen Noll: […] By attempting to obstruct the constitutional process of electing a president and the duly constituted body carrying that process out, for inciting a crowd to attack the Capitol building, the prime symbol of the American Republic – leading incidentally to the death of one of his deluded followers – Donald Trump has violated his oath of office, “so help me God.” With great office comes great responsibility and with that responsibility comes accountability. He has violated the responsibility of that office, and he must be held accountable.

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Storming of the Capitol building: Church leaders condemn actions of Trump mob, from Premier: A collection of tweets from Justin Welby, Albert Mohler, Rick Warren, Russell Moore, John Hagee. Read here


And from Rod Dreher, The American Conservative:

Trump’s Weimar AmericaThis is happening in the United States of America. This is on Donald Trump. This is an assault on constitutional democracy. It’s not happening at the hands of Antifa. It’s not happening at the hands of BLM. It’s a MAGA mob, 100 percent. As I write this, the mob is trying to break down the door to the House chamber. Reporters in the press gallery say they’ve heard shots fired inside the Capitol. What a complete national disgrace. There are no words.

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Religious Meaning Of MAGA RiotIt is hard to overstate how shocking this is. Again, it is a defilement. This is going to be deeply felt by the American people. Symbolism matters. The fact that this previously unthinkable thing happened is a sign of a far deeper disorder. Let those in Judea understand what they’re seeing. I’m not talking about anything to do with God. I mean this in a completely secular way. I’m talking about symbolic meaning. Nevertheless, I believe that these MAGA fools have provided those on the Left…with a Reichstag-fire excuse to crack down …The soft totalitarianism I’ve been warning about: the MAGA mob today accelerated its arrival.

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Trampling Our CountryRussell Kirk once said, “The conservatives declare that society is a community of souls, joining the dead, the living, and those yet unborn; and that it coheres through what Aristotle called friendship and Christians call love of neighbor.”  The MAGA mob, no less than Antifa, makes it impossible for us to imagine loving our neighbor—our countrymen—if they disagree with us politically.  Both sects have made clear that, if we dissent from their ideology, they’re ready to do violence against us.

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