Vicar ‘under Investigation’ for Quoting The Wee Flea!

Jun 13, 2019 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

Sometimes a story arises which is so indicative of our culture and so important in its implications that it deserves an immediate response.  The Daily Telegraph, the Yorkshire Post and the Daily Mirror all carried this story about Rev. Peter Hughes.    Peter quoted extensively (as did The Mirror)  from my article Parents Take Back Control – The April Record Editorial which he read on this blog.   The reporting tells its own story.   This is what we learn.

  1. Britain is an increasingly intolerant and authoritarian society

I have encouraged others to speak out about the evil that is happening in our culture. But there is a price for doing so.  It’s easier to keep silent or to go along with it.  Especially if you belong to the Establishment and its institutions, and your job, status and identity rely on it, then most would give in and hold their tongue.  But someone has to speak out.  Peter did – and now he is ‘under investigation’ as though he had committed some crime. Note that he wrote his views in his own parish magazine – not in a newspaper, or a poster, but in his own publication.  And yet the thought crime police were on to him in an instant.  Another pastor told me of a University Students Union who wanted him to undergo an assessment before he was allowed to speak to the CU because he had linked to two of my posts on his FB page!  This is modern Britain – where citing The Wee Flea causes you to come under investigation!

2.  The Media are often ignorant and prejudiced

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