Victory! Controversial “Sexuality Education” rejected at World Health Assembly

Jun 4, 2021 by

from Family Watch International:

How about some good news for a change!

We are excited to inform you that due to the valiant efforts of many UN Member States, a paragraph calling for highly controversial “sexuality education” was just soundly rejected from a World Health Assembly (WHA) resolution on ending violence against children. 

It doesn’t get better than this!

The following seemingly innocuous paragraph had so many harmful hidden meanings tucked inside that Family Watch sent out an urgent alert to UN delegations in Geneva with our analysis of 12 harmful elements hidden in the paragraph (see here for all the hidden meanings).

Controversial CSE Paragraph Rejected by World Health Assembly

OP10 To provide accessible gender-sensitive, free from gender stereotypes, evidence-based and appropriate to age and evolving capacities sexuality education to children, and with appropriate direction and guidance from parents and legal guardians, with the best interests of the child as their basic concern to empower and enable them to realize their health wellbeing and dignity, build communication, self-protection and risk reduction skills, as a fundamental part of the efforts to prevent, recognize and respond to violence against children;

The complete deletion of this paragraph with the support of many countries is a major victory as it establishes that “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE) does not enjoy consensus at the UN! 

This means that CSE should never be accepted in any UN documents moving forward.

Moreover, an HIV/AIDS Political Declaration currently being negotiated in New York at UN Headquarters currently contains several references to CSE.

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