Victory for rights of parents over children’s jabs

Nov 28, 2021 by

from Heart Publications:

Lawyer Paul Diamond and his wife Alice are among those who have succeeded in protecting their children from being ‘innoculated’ at school without their consent.

After Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty’s announcement that pupils aged 12-15 would be given the Covid vaccine with or without parental consent, human rights barrister Paul Diamond and other groups such as Lawyers for Liberty wrote letters to schools and NHS authorities. Sir Chris Whitty had already overridden advice from the JCVI (Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation) against giving the jabs to children.

Now Paul Diamond and his wife have been assured by their local NHS vaccinating authority that their sons will not be injected at school without their consent. Significantly, this also includes the children of parents who have failed to respond to the NHS’s letter, a letter which has been criticised for calling the Pfizer vaccine “established, safe and effective”, despite the unreported death and injury toll since the vaccine programme was rolled out (see for the MHRA’s own adverse effects statistics presented in a clear format). Children are also not considered to be at any significant risk from the disease.

Sir Chris Whitty had decreed that children could be vaccinated without their parents’ consent under the ‘Gillick competence’ rule, but the Diamonds’ letter successfully challenged that use of the law.

Paul Diamond’s wife, Alice, told HEART: “Hertfordshire’s NHS vaccination body SAIS (School Age Immunisation Service) has expressly assured parents that no pupil without expressed parental consent (including those parents who fail to respond) will be given the Sars 2 Covid vaccination. In other words, parents must expressly consent to their child receiving the Pfizer vaccine.”

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