Video Emerges Of Drag Kid ‘Desmond Is Amazing’ Pretending to Snort Ketamine

Feb 20, 2020 by

by David Marcus, The Federalist:

Disturbing videos have emerged of s 12-year-old drag kid known as “Desmond Is Amazing” pretending to snort ketamine, and appearing with convicted murderer Michael Alig. The clips, first reported on by The Post Millennial, appeared on YouTube in July of 2018 and December of 2017.

In one, Desmond appears alongside an adult New York City based drag queen named Bellanoche and appears to be answering questions from online viewers via a live stream.

In the video’s most troubling moment Desmond looks into the camera and announces, “What has this world come to? It’s come to a world in which drag kids actually exist.” Immediately after Bellanoche adds “and people do ketamine on a couch.” At this point, the child puts his wrist to his nose and sniffs while cocking his head back, mimicking a way to snort drugs without paraphernalia.

There are several deeply uncomfortable questions that arise from this exchange.

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