Violence Against Christians Surges; More Than 1,000% Increase in Attacks on Churches Since 2018

Jan 27, 2020 by

by Jonathan Petersen, Bible Gateway:

The world has become less tolerant and less safe for hundreds of millions of Christians. Based on current statistics, every day around the world …

  • 8 Christians are killed for their faith
  • 23 Christians are raped or sexually harassed
  • 25 Churches are targeted and attacked
  • 10 Christians are unjustly arrested or imprisoned for their faith.

Every week around the world …

  • 186 church buildings are attacked
  • 276 Christian homes are burned or destroyed.

The number of persecuted Christians internationally has risen by 15 million in the past year. According to persecution watchdog organization Open Doors (@OpenDoors) 2020 World Watch List (#WWL2020), 260 million Christians live in countries where they experience high, very high, or extreme levels of persecution; up from 245 million in 2019.

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