Wanted: A party to stand up for parents

Jul 15, 2018 by

by Julian Mann, The Conservative Woman:

The row at Heavers Farm Primary School in Croydon, south London, caused by the head teacher’s plan to parade pupils as young as four on a homosexual pride march, illustrates a terrible truth: British state education has now become an engine for imposing anti-Christian cultural Marxism to the spiritual and moral harm of children.

According to the Daily Mail, head teacher Susan Papas decided to integrate June’s Pride Month, a national campaign promoted by politically influential LGBT activists, into the school’s curriculum as part of its statutory SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) lessons, an initiative by the Department of Education which decrees that pupils must be taught to celebrate diversity.

When some parents asked if they could withdraw their children from such politically correct brainwashing culminating in the march, the school authorities told them that they did not have that right.

Thankfully, the march was aborted because 110 children did not attend school on the day.

Two urgent lessons emerge from this:

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