‘Wartime miracles’ leaflet and video: urgent call for repentance

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A powerful reminder of how a nation turned to God for help in its darkest hour, and experienced his protection. Can something like this happen again? The organisation ’Strengthen the Faithful’ circulated a powerful message to churches in the UK in the form of a leaflet and video released in the early days of the pandemic, and believes it is now time to highlight this message again:

From ‘Wartime miracles and a national scandal’:

“Many people today look back upon the wartime generation and regard their faithful belief in Almighty God as something really strange and peculiar…It is this kind of attitude which has led many people today to cut the thread of faith in God which supported previous generations and now to their horror the whole structure of our society has collapsed in a myriad of social and moral problems. That thread, that faith in God; that Hope in Him, that Eternal Light which could never be extinguished, is precisely what kept previous generations going, through war and bloodshed. Today’s generation has largely dismissed this faith as being unimportant and we see the ruinous results all around…

…It is plain to see that between the wartime generation and today’s generation the thread of faith has broken. In matters of faith it really is like a different Country between then and now. Just imagine if those individuals whom I have quoted, individuals who had personally witnessed God’s intervention first hand, were by some miraculous means sent back to speak to our Nation today, what do you think they would say? Their message would surely be; “This Nation must take Almighty God seriously and people must take the Bible seriously. They must carefully apply the Lord’s will, as revealed in Scripture, to their own personal lives because faith does matter, it makes all the difference; it is the single strand that holds the whole web secure.”

But along with this message I think they would also have a question to ask of those holding positions of influence. They would surely want to know why the events they witnessed [miraculous stories of deliverance from the Nazi threat] which were so profound and are so well documented, are at the same time so rarely taught, talked about or even mentioned in churches, Parliament or schools today. This is a national scandal and a betrayal of the very freedoms and democracy which this generation claims to appreciate.”

A PDF of the full article can be obtained by emailing strengthenthefaithful@gmail.com putting “Wartime Miracles” in the subject box.


‘The miracle of Dunkirk’ – Short film on Youtube

The Wartime Miracles Leaflet which was posted to thousands of churches across Ireland and Britain three years ago has now been turned into a free film, ideal for these uncertain times. Without the restraining influences of Biblical values being taught at the grassroots of society and being boldly upheld by church leaders and politicians, there will be no peace or blessing.  This ten minute film initially explains how the Lord answered the prayers of people, bringing about the Miracle of Dunkirk with a calm sea descending upon the English Channel. It then goes on to show how the people of Britain and Ireland have turned away from Him and rejected His Commandments. As the film points out, “How can a Holy God bless or protect a Nation from evil, while it rejects His Laws?” This punchy film will cause much soul searching and is a clarion call for both personal and National Repentance.

Click to watch the video here

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