Unaccompanied child refugees – two views

Feb 12, 2017 by

Archbishop of Canterbury – Ministers are condemning kids to brothels – or death, by Harry Farley, Christian Today 

The Archbishop of Canterbury has stepped up his attack on the government’s plan to stop accepting unaccompanied child refugees from Europe.

Justin Welby criticised the Home Office’s announcement it would end the commitment under the Dubs’ amendment after just 350 had been welcomed to the UK, rather than the 3,000 expected.

In a joint interview with Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England, Welby said: ‘The alternative is they will be trafficked and end up in brothels, end up in places where they are exploited, manipulated, ill-treated and very often killed.’

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We do not want to incentivise perilous journeys to Europe, and play into the hands of the traffickers, by Robert Goodwill, Conservative Home:

Vulnerable children will always be given sanctuary by the UK.

It is absolute nonsense to suggest we have closed our doors.

In the last two weeks more than 300 refugees have arrived in the UK. Around half of these were children.

This week alone more than 100 Syrian refugees, including children, arrived through our Vulnerable Persons Resettlement Scheme.

More than 8,000 children found shelter, security and safety in the UK in the last year.

And by the end of this parliament, we will be bringing 20,000 refugees to the UK through one of the biggest resettlement schemes this country has ever undertaken.

So to suggest, as some have this week, that the Government is only offering support to a small number of vulnerable refugee children is demonstrably untrue.

The real question is whether we incentivise perilous journeys to Europe or tackle the problem at source – in the camps in Jordan and on the Syrian border where the most vulnerable refugees are desperate for our help.


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