We have “no right to turn a blind eye to transgenderism”

Jul 14, 2019 by

by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern:

The case of David Mackereth, the doctor who is taking the Department of Work and Pensions to court because he refused to be forced to use preferred transgender pronouns is bound to be a landmark case on freedom of conscience among medical professionals and generally public sector workers in the United Kingdom.

Whilst being courteous and stressing that he is not out to attack individuals with gender problems, Mackereth has been completely unapologetic in his maintenance of clear Biblically-based Christian truth on the fact that God created people male and female, and that it is impossible to change this in reality. This is the basis upon which he said he would refuse to call a six-foot bearded man ‘she’. It should not require much courage to refuse to lie in such an obvious way, but we live in a society steeped in cowardice.

Telling the truth about sex now a conscience issue

Mackereth’s case shows how telling the truth about who is male or female is now a matter of conscience for doctors. Frankly it should have been decades ago, but not enough doctors had the good moral sense to oppose the opening of Charing Cross Hospital Gender Identity Clinic back in 1966. For years, doctors complained about the NHS performing ‘sex-change’ surgeries, and one urologist even resigned from Charing Cross Hospital in the late 1980s because he found it unjustifiable that men who fantasised about being castrated to become ‘women’ were part of the same queue for urological treatment as men with genuine physical needs for surgery.

Those who know the history of Charing Cross Hospital will know that it was an unnamed administrator who backed up transvestite psychiatrist John Randall’s work at the Gender Identity Clinic he founded there with transsexuals and transvestites, referring them for surgery. Actual doctors always hated it as a travesty of true medicine.

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