We must defeat the concerted push for anything-goes Sex and Relationships Education

Dec 23, 2017 by

by Carys Moseley, Christian Concern:

All through the past month in the run-up to Christmas we have seen a concerted push across central and devolved government across England, Wales and Scotland for compulsory Sex and Relationships Education of a radically individualistic nature.

Dubious tactics at the Department for Education

The Department of Education opened its ‘eight-week consultation’ on changing SRE in England this week, when parents and teachers are too busy with Christmas festivities and shopping to have the time to scrutinise the policy documents properly. Although the closing date is 12 February 2018, because most people take time off at Christmas, the real time for responding is considerably shortened. This is obviously deliberate as all other consultations opened in mid-December were on completely non-controversial matters. The exact same tactic was used when Justine Greening announced plans to open a consultation this autumn on amending the Gender Recognition Act, on Sunday 23 July two days after the end of the Summer Term.

The worst problem with the consultation is the imposition of a 250-word limit for each answer. This should not happen as the public need to be free to answer the Call for Evidence rigorously to back up any views put forward. Does the Department for Education really want to hear what people think, or is its framework favouring seasoned radical SRE activists? Christian Concern will provide guidance on this consultation in January.

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