We must stop capitulating to this intolerance

Mar 29, 2021 by

by Tom Slater, spiked:

A group of religious conservatives has managed to shut down a school for two days running, exact a grovelling apology from its headteacher, and have a teacher suspended. The teacher’s name has been circulated online, both by protesters and a local religious charity, forcing him into police protection.

All this because the teacher showed his pupils images in a lesson that the protesters deem to be offensive.

We might expect the great and good of liberal Britain to be incensed by all this. What we have here are religious fundamentalists demanding a state-funded school align itself to their doctrines and sack a teacher for breaching them.

But as the image in question is one of the Prophet Muhammad, and the protesters in question are Muslim, the same rules apparently do not apply. To side with the mob is, in this case, the noble, progressive position.

The teacher showed cartoons of Muhammad to his pupils, many of whom are Muslim, in a religious-studies class. This was an entirely appropriate thing to do. School curricula cannot be dictated by religious sensitivities. We do not have blasphemy laws in this country and free speech and tolerance are supposed to be fundamental values.

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