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Oct 15, 2020 by

from spiked:

Amy Coney Barrett used the phrase ‘sexual preference’. Now Webster’s defines it as ‘offensive’.

Dictionary definitions used to record the common usage of words and phrases. But now they are being distorted to reflect a woke outlook.

Yesterday, Democratic senator Mazie Hirono criticised Amy Coney Barrett’s use of the term ‘sexual preference’. Barrett – Donald Trump’s latest pick for the Supreme Court – used it in response to a question about same-sex marriage. Hirono said this was offensive because sexual orientation is ‘immutable’. Apparently, homophobes use the term ‘sexual preference’ because they believe sexuality is a choice.

So far, so strange.

But things got worse. Webster’s dictionary promptly changed part of its definition of the word ‘preference’ in line with Hirono’s comments. Where the dictionary once listed sexual preference as a sub-category of preference more broadly, this section of the definition is now preceded by the word ‘offensive’.

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