Welby, the Church’s Captain Calamity, steers Christ’s boat towards the rocks

Jul 24, 2021 by

AS our parish churches and Christian heritage disappear from the countryside, with the dolts who run the Church of England steering it towards oblivion, this is a letter I have written to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Justin Welby … 

Dear Archbishop,

Consider the English rural parish church. For many, the church building remains the central focus of their community everyday life, not only a place for reflection and solace, but a refuge for all faiths and none, irrespective of politics.

These buildings are etched into people’s sense of belonging and identity because they understand that they represent the fabric of their existence.

This is gradually being destroyed under your watch by the paucity of ordained priests, burgeoning bureaucracy, increasing and unnecessary centralisation, an obsession with identity politics, climate change – and, worse, obsequiousness before a cultural Marxist idolatry.

These buildings are a vital part of this country’s heritage and they belong to the people of England. Yet for how long will our precious parish churches survive as you indulge in a kind of ecclesiastical inverted snobbery, with a micro-managed one-size-fits-all ministry?

You may be aware of the movement called savetheparish.com for those of us who wish to be involved in a concerted effort to save the parish system of this country, as the Church of England inherited it –  sadly it appears that you do not.

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