Welsh diocese worships the god of Pride

Aug 24, 2019 by

by Paul Huxley, Christian Concern:

While English cathedrals host helter skelters and bishops fail to defend the unborn, we can rejoice that the Church of England has not yet sunk to the depth of the Church in Wales (which, though disestablished is also a member of the Anglican communion).

The Diocese of Llandaff is throwing its weight behind this year’s Pride Cymru, which takes place in Cardiff this weekend – the latest in a seemingly never-ending series of LGBT+ Pride events around the UK.

The Bishop of the diocese, Rt Rev. June Osborne, commented, “It’s a privilege once again to be supporting Pride Cymru. The Faith Tent seeks to celebrate the spirit of acceptance I can think of no better context than Pride Cymru to show our LGBT sisters and brothers that they are truly loved.”

Which spirit?

It’s interesting that the faith tent seeks to celebrate ‘the spirit of acceptance’, since it doesn’t appear to embrace the spirit of holiness.One act lined up for the faith tent is self-described goth flower princess ‘Bella Tempus’, who’ll be reading LGBT+ propaganda to children during three performances of Drag Queen Story Time. ‘Bella’ (real name Bradley), is a social media influencer and activist both in his drag queen persona and as a gay man.

It truly baffles me why any professing church would consider promoting someone who says “I like taking Christian mythology and iconography and turning it into drag” in a video they named ‘Good Christian B*****s’, also joking about drinking babies’ blood and celebrating queer paganism within the space of a minute.

But the Bishop of Llandaff is unashamed, perhaps even proud of such associations:

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