Western youngsters are potty trained to believe in nothing

Mar 31, 2018 by

by Jules Gomes, Rebel Priest:

The University of Greenwich was my crystal ball into which I peered and saw the future of Europe. As a distinct civilisation, Europe was finished. The future of Europe was Islam. My sepulchral prediction was based not on media hysteria or Right-wing paranoia, but on my observation of the obvious.

At Greenwich, the ‘centre of the world’ and the home of the Prime Meridian, I led a team of chaplains ministering to 23,000 students and hundreds of staff.

Amidst the grandeur of Sir Christopher Wren’s architecture, one element stuck out as incongruously as a giraffe’s neck on an ostrich farm. Wren’s edifice told the story of Western civilisation and its Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman foundations. Now, the monument had become a mausoleum. The sole religious occupants were not Christians or Jews, but Muslims.

As chaplains, we learned our first lesson. We could reliably assume that almost every young adult who came from a white British or European background had no religious affiliation. Sociologists have coined a term for these young adults. They call them ‘nones’ because the ‘nones’ believe in ‘nothing’ – of course, nones believe in diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism and intersectionality, but believe in nothing transcendent, eternal, or ultimate. Above all, they believe that life is all about ‘having fun’.

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