What did Britain really think of the Royal Wedding sermon?

Jun 20, 2018 by

by Charlotte Hobson, Theos:

The recent Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex received global attention. Speculations about Meghan Markle’s dress, gossip about her familial relationships and gushing coverage of the day’s events were discussed religiously by media outlets worldwide. On the day, a 100,000–strong crowd gathered on the streets of Windsor, 18 million viewers tuned in from home, and the event featured in 3.4 million tweets.

Drawing particular interest was the sermon delivered by Bishop Michael Curry. Surprisingly, this 14 minute homily was the ‘most tweeted about moment of the ceremony’ receiving 40,000 tweets per–minute. Comment ranged from criticising the simplistic message as ‘Christianity-lite‘ to praising it, as the Archbishop of Canterbury did, for embodying ‘raw God’.

According to some Christians, ’people… really engaged… it helped [them] see there is a big picture of this whole Christian story’. Other sources suggest that the public response was more diverse. Non–religious circles reacted with a palpable bemusement – images of the royal family looking uncomfortable with barely concealed smirks were rife on social media as the sermon unfolded, and in national newspapers after the event.

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