What does the Book of Revelation say about Covid 19?

Apr 27, 2020 by

by David Robertson, theweeflea:

The Book of Revelation is, as we saw last week, a book filled with such imagery that it is often used to ‘prove’ almost any conspiracy theory or contemporary prophecy. Did you know that the book apparently predicted Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Saddam Hussein and Barack Obama – as well as barcodes and social security numbers?

It’s a common idea among some evangelical (and Orthodox) Christians that Revelation 8:10-11 was a prediction of the Chernobyl disaster because Chernobyl can be translated ‘wormwood’ in Ukrainian. Although in order to do so, biblical literalists have to suspend their absolute literalism for at least part of the verse – because a star falling from heaven did not cause Chernobyl!

It won’t be long before someone is publishing an End Times book, showing how Revelation prophesied Covid-19 and is a sign of the End. I don’t believe that – in fact I regard that as an irresponsible use of Scripture in direct defiance of John’s warning at the end of this book, not to add anything to his words. But there are basic principles which, like the warning in Revelation 8, make this apocalyptic book a real revelation for us in our crisis. Let me offer this broader perspective.

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