What has Marx to do with Minneapolis?

Jun 16, 2020 by

by Melvin Tinker, Virtueonline:

The seismic effects of the disturbing death of George Floyd in Minneapolis in June 2020 are being acutely felt, particularly in the West. What is designated as mass protests in major cities in the USA, UK and Europe involving tens of thousands of people under the banner of ‘Black Life Matters’ have taken many by surprise for their magnitude and stridency. In Britain such mass gatherings are considered to be of greater virtue than that of ‘saving lives’ from the Covid 19 menace through social distancing and observing strict societal lockdown. The former Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, applauded these illegal gatherings in a Tweet, as ‘fantabulous’. The Bishop of Dover, the Revd Rose Hudson-Wilkin, who is the Church of England’s first female black bishop, told BBC Breakfast racism was killing people. Accordingly in her mind they were necessary as “sadly the world pays no attention when we do not stand up,” adding, “Most people have responsibly weighed up the risk that they would be taking in order to stand up….There has been a greater pandemic throughout the world that no one has seen or heard or actually stood up for in a real way….And so people are thinking ‘We’re dying anyway, so we’re going to stand up now.'”

How might we begin to understand what is happening?

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