What is now being proposed for Living in Love and Faith?

Jun 21, 2024 by

by Andrew Goddard, Psephizo;

Yesterday, the latest proposal as to the way forward in relation to Living in Love and Faith (LLF) appeared in the form of GS 2358, to be added to all the previous General Synod papers since January 2023. This 31-page paper provides the motion (p. 17) the House of Bishops will be proposing at the July General Synod and supporting paperwork for it.  What follows offers a brief overview of its main proposals and the issues they raise with much more detailed analysis and supporting argument in this longer article: GS 2346 Synod July 2024.

The proposal – explicitly still an “emerging proposal” – comes from the LLF Programme Board chaired by the Archbishop of York with a preface from Martyn Snow, the Bishop of Leicester as Lead Bishop. Behind it lies the work of 3 working groups, particularly at a residential in Leicester (10th to 12th May) and discussions at the College and House and Bishops, most recently on 12th June.

What is being sought?: From “three spaces in one Church” back to “a generous space” for a new “period of discernment”

It is clear that not all of these contributors are quite on the same page from the fact that the language of “three spaces” which Bishop Martyn introduced only two weeks ago (and I explored and Ian Paul has critiqued) has been withdrawn late in the process (para 10, p. 4). Instead we have simply returned to the language of “a generous space where all can thrive and where different theological convictions are honoured, recognising also that there are many congregations where a diversity of views of held” (para 4, p. 1). Despite having questions about how “three spaces” was being used, this is I think a retrograde step as it risks avoiding the need to face the deep doctrinal divisions we are facing and their implications for the nature of our unity.

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