What LGBT activists REALLY want for the Halton Catholic Schools — ‘and every school in the world’

Apr 23, 2021 by

by Dorothy Cummings McLean, LifeSite:

Activist want to turn Catholic schools into ‘safe spaces’ where Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality is forbidden.

The proposal to raise the homosexual “pride” flag outside Ontario Catholic schools pales in comparison to what activists really want: to turn the schools into “safe spaces” where Catholic teaching on marriage and sexuality is forbidden.

“Raising the flag is never going to be enough,” stated Dr. Alexandra Power, one delegate who spoke during Tuesday night’s contentious meeting of the Halton School Board to discuss new LGBT measures for the region’s Catholic schools. “But it has to be the start for right now.”

Student Teia Bodner, who was accompanied by her mother Michela to the online meeting, indicated that both indoctrination into LGBT terminology is on the wish list and that she believes it is in concert with Catholic doctrine:

School boards must lead, encourage and respect all community stakeholders by holding space for difficult but courageous conversations at all levels of the board. It means promoting the understanding of what an Ally is and what personal pronouns mean. This means committees, information sessions, and data collection. It means safe spaces. It means inclusive books in our libraries. It means digging in and doing honest work. It means honest and open Professional Development for ALL STAFF to empower them with credible information so that the 2SLGBTQ+ communities know that we love and support them, as they are Children of God. This is 2021. Let’s practice what we preach. Follow the Catholic Social Teachings. Support this motion. [Emphasis added.]

Power went on to say that raising the rainbow flag and creating “signs for our teachers to show our students that they have a safe place to be themselves” will not be enough “until every child, adult, person amongst us feels safe being their own genuine self.”

Apparently equating anything but absolute acceptance as “judgement and hatred”, Power said that “progress is where we have to begin.”

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