What next? Is there a greater world beyond death?

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From Talking about Dying:

What next?

With all the sadness of the 100,000 (and counting) deaths in the UK from COVID in the last year, one issue has been resolutely avoided in the public domain. For thousands of years, the many religions in the world have seen this life as just leading on to a different and usually greater world beyond death.

Is this just outdated unscientific wishful thinking?

The experience of some people suggests it is something to consider.

Dr Andrew Miller writes of the death of his wife in 2013…

…where there is a strong hope of heaven, faith and life can be very different, and this was something that my wife Ruth and I quite often talked about over the years. It became personal at age 62 when she was told that her breast cancer, previously fully treated medically, had returned with widespread bone secondaries. While welcoming palliation for these, Ruth declined further chemotherapy, for the above reasons. Moreover God made it clear to her that the prayers of us and others should be about embracing the situation and preparing for her real home, rather than for healing…

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See also: “You won’t get briefings from Number 10 on how to die”, the Bishop of Kensington, Rt Rev Graham Tomlin, wrote in the Times on Saturday February 6

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