What should we make of Keir Starmer’s visit to church?

Apr 7, 2021 by

by Stephen Kneale:

Keir Starmer has come under fire in the last few days. His crime was visiting a church and praising them for their work during the pandemic. What’s the problem with that? Well, it turns out (and who could have predicted this from a church whose whole deal is believing the Bible) the church are not pro-LGBT+ stuff as pushed by the gatekeepers of LGBT+ orthodoxy, Stonewall. Specifically, their pastor didn’t support same-sex marriage. Apparently this is shocking (NB: only if your only news source is the Guardian).

Others are also sticking the boot in. But you get the general idea. LGBT+ Labour and those in sympathy with them cannot tolerate the leader of their party so much as rubbing shoulders with anyone who does not fully subscribe to their political agenda, no matter how good the work they might be doing otherwise happens to be. Given that this is precisely the sort of logic that has kept Labour out of government for over a decade now, with little on the horizon to suggest much of a sea change, it doesn’t bode well for those who ought to be about the business of winning elections. We will only tolerate and reach out to voters who already think the things we do on every point of orthodoxy we deem important. Well, good luck winning over the many millions of people who don’t!

Of course, they don’t actually think that exactly. As Paul Embery notes:

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