“What used to be a biological fact to start from is now a tick box to decide for yourself”

Feb 6, 2023 by

from Evangelical Focus:

Christians in Finland are worried about the effects of the new transgender law: “Our legislators have sunken into the abyss of irrationality”.

“When the same-sex unions were legalized, we predicted that it will not be the end of the road, but rather beginning of something worse”, a Christian theologian and radio broadcaster in Finland told Evangelical Focus after the newest transgender law was passed.

The reform now allows anyone aged 18 or more to change their legal gender with a self-declaration and without any medical intervention. Despite the willingness of the government to rush the law through parliament in September, an amended text was not passed until 1 February.

“I am not surprised about this transgender law”, theologian Pasi Turunen continues. “I’m only surprised about how quickly this development happened after same-sex marriage law”.

“Our legislators have sunken into the abyss of irrationality”, he concludes.

Christian Party among the critics

Among the minority of parliamentarians who tried to stop the change of the law (69 ‘no’ against 116 ‘yes’) were the 5 representatives of the Christian Democratic Party, a group which holds to conservative Christian values.

The chair of the party, Sari Essayah, lamented that, as a result of the law, “young people may be encouraged to adopt a new gender identity without exploring what mental health challenges they may have. This is not good care and at worst it is abandonment”.

She also asked why statistics based on subjective perceptions should be used to shape official policies.

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